Kalamay Ube Recipe

Kalamay Ube Recipe


1 Pack 16 oz grated Ube
2 Cup Sweet Rice Flour
1 1/2 could of Coconut Milk
1 3/4 Cup sugar
Drops of Food Coloring
1 Tsp vanilla (optional)
Banana leaves
Oil from Curd
2 Cans of Coconut Milk for Curd


In a large Pan or Wok, Combine the Coconut Milk, glucose, Sweet rice flour and Grated Ube (Purple Yam) and mix well until well combined.
Cook on Low temperature and keep stirring before the mixture gets thick.
Put some coconut oil when stirring to prevent sticking.
Transfer the cooked combination into in a pan lined with wilted Banana leaves.
Flatten through the use of an metal that is oiled and top with coconut curd.

To Prepare Curd:

Prepare the Curd by pouring the coconut milk right into a pan and let boil until it curdles.

To Provide:

Refrigerate the Ube Kalamay then Slice into square or diagonal forms
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We don’t have actually fresh ube, all is ube is had by me powder. How would I use the ube powder rather than the fresh? For example; If a recipe calls for one glass of fresh ube exactly how would the ube is fixed by me powder to replace the new? Thank You for the assistance.

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Ube Kalamay

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Ube Kalamay laden up with ube and flavor that is coconut an ideal dessert or treat! Deliciously sweet and gluey, this rice cake is gluten-free, too!

Ube Kalamay loaded with ube and coconut taste for the perfect dessert or snack! Deliciously sticky and sweet, this rice cake is gluten-free, too!

Ube Kalamay had been one of many dishes I planned for the New that is chinese year. Like Nian Gao (tikoy) that inspired them, glutinous rice cakes are believed to create good luck within the year ahead.